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Virstaf is an outsourced services firm with operations in both the UK and Ghana. We enable business owners and organisations to access global talent, without the limitations of geographic locations.


Shortage of skills is a key challenge faced by organisations. Our bespoke talent solutions are not just cost-effective – they provide our clients with a highly qualified talent pool from which they can access prime workers quickly and easily.


Our remote or virtual workers are equipped with the skills, knowledge and expertise to augment your in-house and onsite team. We help our clients grow their businesses by taking care of non-core tasks in the most flexible, efficient and productive way possible.


Discover Virstaf and take your operations to the next level.

Our Services

Business Support

Our highly qualified Virtual Assistants are specially trained to provide you with administrative support. To ensure services of the highest standard, our majority-graduate team undergo rigorous vetting and development programmes in Administration, Customer Support, Digital Marketing and Human Resources.

Our business support includes:

Administration: Database Management, Data Entry, Email Management, Project Support, Website Content Update, Reporting and any other support required.

Customer Support: Responding to Enquiries, Live Chat, Order Management and call centre management.

Digital Marketing: Social Media Account Creation and Management, Content Creation and Scheduling, Report Generation, Email Marketing and SEO.

Human Resources: Pay roll, Absence Management, Recruitment and any other HR related support required.

Specialist Support

Whether you are looking for a new website, redesign existing website or develop a business application, we are ready to help. Our specialist support services are designed to take the technical pressures off business owners and organisations. Our highly trained and experienced technical team are well known for delivering quality services in the following:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Mobile apps
  • Software Development (Full Stack Developer) for any bespoke software
  • IT Desk Support

You can trust us to deliver at a high standard and within budget.

Healthcare Support

We are uniquely positioned to help healthcare organisations to meet their staffing quotas. Our innovative solutions include both short and long term staffing for the healthcare industry, with onsite workers virtual assistants who are rigorously vetted and trained to ensure quality. Our healthcare support solutions are specifically designed to ease the pressure on our clients’ HR departments, and resolve staff shortages quickly and cost-effectively.

Data and Analytics

We recognise the need for highly skilled resources to fill the gap in this field. We have therefore sourced a global pool of talents who are either experienced in data and analytics or top graduates who are trained before deployment. Our talented resources are equipped with the required training and development including commercial awareness to ensure top performance when deployed. We are therefore able to work with clients on a flexible basis to meet their need for Data Analyst, Data Scientist and Cloud BI Developers. There is even the flexibility to hire on a permanent basis as part of a remote team or onsite once satisfied with work delivered.

Project Management and Support

Our highly experienced team of Project Managers and Project Support Officers are here to assist businesses across a variety of sectors. Based in Ghana and UK, we can deploy skilled specialists to assist your projects both onshore or offshore.

Our workers are drawn from our graduate programme and are vetted regularly to ensure that they hold the highest levels of professionalism and project management skills.

We understand that, when it comes to delivering on a project, time, budget and quality matters. We guarantee to deliver nothing but sheer excellence in each of these crucial areas of business. You can rely on us to achieve your objective quickly, cost-effectively, and to the absolute highest standard.

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