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a. What does Virstaf do and why can’t I contract remote workers directly?

Virstaf’s Services

We will provide you with highly trained and experience remote workers based in our office in Ghana for your specific business requirements. This means you just have to tell us what you require and we will take care of the outsourcing process. We are responsible for recruiting, paying remote staff’s salary and other benefits. We monitor performances of remote workers who are assigned a team leader. For your peace mind, we will also provide you with a replacement cover should the need arises.

b. Will I have the option to interview remote/ virtual worker?

Virstaf will provide you with at least 2 remote/virtual workers for you to virtually interview and assess to ensure that they are best fit for your organisation. Our Client Onboarding Manager will be on hand to address any questions you may have during this process.

c. Do I need to meet a minimum contract requirement?

Minimum Contract

Unless for a one-off project like website development, redesign and content refresh, marketing campaign etc a minimum commitment of 1 month is required if the package is for an ongoing support. You are also required to give at least a month notice if you want to end the contract.

d. How secure is my data and information when I outsource?

Privacy of Data and Information

Our remote staff are trained to ensure the highest form of data privacy and information security. Those who are based in Ghana are trained in addition to the local requirements to comply with the GDPR.

e. How much does it cost to hire a remote/virtual worker?

Cost and Payments

The cost for hiring a remote worker depends on the service and package required. We will provide you with the cost once your requirement is determined. We ensure that you do not pay for what you do not need.

In terms of payment, a small deposit may be required for Virstaf to start the placement process. Billing will be provided monthly and payment taken directly (direct debit), credit card or by bank transfer.

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