5 Important Considerations for a Successful Outsourcing

Although outsourcing or the use of virtual assistants and remote workers has great benefits, it is important for SMEs to approach it in the right way in other to derive these benefits. At Virstaf, we have identified 5 important considerations from our experience as an outsourced service provider.

Plan: Once businesses acknowledge the benefits to be derived from outsourcing certain tasks, it is important that a plan is set in place. The plan should include objectives of outsourcing, any intended savings in terms of cost and time, any potential risk and how this could be mitigated by the business and the outsourced service provider.

Select a suitable outsourcing service provider: The success of any outsourcing programme depends partly on the service provider. It is therefore important that you get to know the service provider and for the service provider to understand your business. Therefore, Virstaf’s client discovery process is considered critical for a successful partnership.

Have a business continuity plan: Outsourcing or the use of virtual assistants should include business resilience plan to ensure that in the event of any interruption, your customers would not be adversely impacted. The size of the outsourcing task will determine the depth of the business continuity plan. At Virstaf we ensure this is incorporated in every partnership with our clients.

Execute your plan: The execution of the outsourcing plan could be done on a pilot basis especially when doing it for the first time and also where significant training is required. This will help rectify any issues before large scale implementation.

Do periodic assessments: As with any programme, it is important that periodic assessments are built into the programme to ensure that the objectives are being met. For example, if the objective is to enhance customer service, predetermined performance indicators will help track this objective and ensure that it is achieved. Assessment will also help to ensure that the right training is provided to enhance delivery when required.

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